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Our services for a complete written report

Choose Restitution 360 :

  • Shoot all the points of view in the room (stage and public)
  • Written transcription of all the discussions and then synchronisation with the video
  • Use of the sound system within the room for the audio recording.

  • 360° panoramic video, video, audio and text together to transcribe your events

    With Restitution 360, you get all the advantages of :

    -video (shoot the meeting place itself, the non verbal communication, the facial expressions of the speaker and the audience at the same time) ;

    -audio (easy access and navigation).

    - text ( easy access for hard of hearing people, detailed analytical work on each idea, search by keyword).

    All in a player broadcast or in free downloading for each file.

    Prices :

    360°video + text


    text only

    240€ per meeting hour

    140€ per meeting hour

    120€ per meeting hour


    For the communication about your meeting, congress or seminar :

    360° video

    Audio recording

    A complete report

    -Navigate between the different points of view of the video.

    -you have a sound system but you don't want to take care of the recording.

    -you woudl like a full written report but you are not sure about its accessibility.